Body Thrills Pamper Packages

So if you haven’t heard about the new organic and natural brand, Body Thrills, where have you been? They have all natural, all organic and luxurious products with super cool branding. Think old 50’s advertisements and pin up girls. (It makes you feel sexy just looking at it!) As I am always on the lookout for something new and natural, here are the special offers they have for Winter. Just in time to stop your skin from drying out!

1. Healing & Caring Winter Pack: (R120 – save R90)

 1 x 125ml Healing & Soothing Stretch Mark Balm (usually R90).

 1 x 125ml Chocolate & Coffee Cellulite Scrub (usually R80).
And receive a 15g Healing & Soothing Lip Balm for FREE! (Usually R40).

The perfect Winter threesome that lets you treat and improve your body’s minor imperfections – soothe, nourish and exfoliate your way to smoother skin that’s irresistibly touchable.

 From lips to hips, they’ve got you covered!

 I think all of us need a cellulite scrub from time to time!

2. Steamy & Fresh Winter Pack: (R140 save R50)

We’re offering you two 300ml Shower Gels for R140! They’re usually R80-R90 each. Choose from:

 Pina Colada: made with pineapple, coconut, honey and cocoa butter.

 Lemon Nougat & Honey Coconut: made with lemon, nougat, honey, coconut and shea butter.

 Citrus Explosion: made with mandarin, orange, lemon, lime, cinnamon and shea butter.

 Rooibos, Ginger & Honey:  made with rooibos, ginger, honey, shea butter and lemon.

 Remember to shower in warm (and not hot) water, to keep your skin from drying out!

3. Moisturise & Nourish Winter Pack: (R160 – save R70)

We’re offering you 3 125ml Body Butters for R160. They’re usually R90 each. Choose from:

 Pina Colada: made with pineapple, coconut, honey and shea butter..

 Lemongrass, Lime & Neroli: made with lemongrass, lime, lemon, neroli and shea butter.

 Lemon Nougat & Honey Coconut: made with lemon, nougat, honey, coconut and shea butter.

 Citrus Explosion: made with mandarin, orange, lemon, lime, cinnamon and shea butter.

Healing & Soothing: made with lavender, tea tree, peppermint, green tea and lime.

Don’t know about you, but my skin gets so dry in Winter, this will definitely help.

4. Refresh & Repair Winter Pack: (R350 – save R170)

 1 x 125ml  Nourishing & Soothing Hair Repair Mask (usually R120)

 1 x 250g Lemongrass, Lime & Neroli Bath Crystals (usually R70)

 1 x 400ml Chocolate Pudding Bubble Bath (usually R90)

 1 x 125g Coffee & Chocolate Cellulite Scrub (usually R80)

 1 x 250g Citrus Explosion Body Polish (usually R80)

1 x 125ml Detox Smoothie Mask for Your Face (usually R80)

A ridiculously indulgent skincare pack filled with hot soaks, sinful sweet treats, hot oil hair repair treatments, cleansing face masks and explosions of vitamin-filled citrus goodness.

Take  time out for yourself – we all need a little extra TLC during the Winter months!

5. Invigorate & Renew Winter Pack (R200 – save R120!)

Your skin’s needs differ during the cold, dry months of Winter and this necessitates a slightly different approach in your skincare routine. During this time you’ll want to double up your efforts to moisturise and keep your skin from dehydrating. You’ll also want to protect it from the cold and should definitely exfoliate more than twice a week to invigorate your skin and keep it glowing.

 1 x 125ml Lemon, Lime & Juniper Berry Facial Scrub (usually R80).

 1 x 250g Stress Relief Bath Tea (usually R80).

 1 x 300ml Citrus Explosion Shower Gel (usually R80).

1 x Healing & Soothing Foot Scrub (usually R80).

6. Manly & Delicious Winter Pack: (R250 – save R90!)

 1 x 125ml Lemongrass, Lime & Juniper Berry Facial Scrub (usually R80).

 1 x 125ml Neroli, Lime & Lemongrass Aftershave Balm (usually R90).

 1 x 400ml Green Rooibos, Ginger & Lemongrass Shower Gel (usually R90).

 1 x 250g Green Rooibos, Ginger & Lemongrass Body Polish (usually R90).

Mix it up in the shower and ditch the old, manky bar of soap in favour of a range of products  made from natural ingredients. This winter skincare pack is the perfect herbal antidote for manly skin and will keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

 Get this for that special guy in your life! (And just a reminder about Fathers Day coming soon!)

So what are you waiting for, go go go!! Offer ends 5 June 2012!

View all their specials here:

They are also tweeting: @bodythrills and on Facebook Body Thrills


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