Repurpose Magazines

If you’re like me and LOVE magazines, then I am sure you also have the problem magazine piles getting higher and higher. So what do you do with them? Here are a few ideas!

  • Donate them to your local library. Our library has limited funds, so we usually donate old books (and a whole STACK of my magazines) to them. They sell it for a odd Rand or two, and this means new books for them!
  • Give them to a doctor’s office, or a old age home. There will always be a need for a good read, so share them with a hospital, old age home, or even a school. There are many schools that use magazine for projects etc.
  • Recycle them! In this way, they can be used to make brand new magazines for you to read. To get more info on recycling newspapers/magazines, you can contact The Paper Recycling Association of South Africa at 011 803 5063 ( or Mondi Recycling at 012 386 1381 (
  • Recreate them! If you are feeling creative, why not make something new out of your old magazines? Here are some ideas for you to get started on. I am sure most of you already saw the first picture, but I decided to add it anyway, as I think it is such a cool idea! With my growing stack, I will be able to have a whole set of these “chairs”!

Magazine Frame

Inspiration Boxes


Magazine Necklace


Have fun! :)



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