Spa-Valous Massage Candle review

I was lucky enough to be sent a Spa-Valous candle by the ladies from Tip Top. (Thanks Cheri!) Up until now I have only heard about “soy massage candles”and was very intrigued by it. A candle you can use as a moisturiser? Awesome! Here is my take on the Spa-Valous Candle…

The candle came beautifully packaged in a bright orange box, which is great if you intend it as a gift for a man, as it is not frilly or feminine, but will suit either man or woman. When I opened the box, it smell so yummy, and I was pleasantly surprise to find out they sent me the orange fragrance (Lavender and Ginger) which assists with creativity. As a avid scrapbooker, that is always welcome!

I burnt the candle for about 20 minutes (while taking a bath) to give it enough time to melt. I must say, I didn’t notice much of a fragrance in the bathroom while the candle was burning, but when I was applying it afterwards, I could immediately smell it. It’s a soft lingering scent that stays with you for a long time. When I woke up in the morning, it was still there. This said, I like the fact that the scent does not fade. It’s strong enough to linger, but soft enough to not irritate your nose. I love it!

With regards to the moisturising properties, it is really a great product. At first it was a bit weird using my candle to moisturise, but once I took the first ‘scoop’, I didn’t want to stop! It was SO luxurious, and my skin felt so “satisfied” afterwards! Like the scent, my skin was still glowing the next morning.

If you’re stuck about what to get as a gift for someone, why not try the Spa-Valous Candle. It’s different and such a treat!

  •  Fragrances available:
  • RED – Bergamot and Coriander
  • ORANGE – Lavender and Ginger
  • YELLOW – Mimosa and Cedar wood
  • GREEN – Patchouli and Jasmine
  • BLUE – Mandarin and Neroli
  • INDIGO – Sicilian Orange and Patchouli
  • VIOLET – Rose and Sandalwood

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