Review: Tranquil Body Treats

Leigh-Ann Burger from Tranquil Body Treats was so awesome to send me a goodies box with treats to try. Her great service was noticeable from the start as she even asked what my favourite scents are so she can send me something in that specific fragrance. (This is great because it’s no use you despise the smell of lemon, then have to do a review on a lemon-scented product. Yikes!) I LOVE vanilla scents, so was I pleasantly surprised when I found out I got the Vanilla Body Oil and Vanilla Clay Soap.

The products arrived in a pretty box with a delicate, flocked design. It felt like my birthday before even opening the package!  I couldn’t wait until bath time to try my new luxuries out, so I use a bit of the Vanilla Oil as a hand moisturiser and WOW! It absorbed very well, and left my hands feeling so soft. And the smell is AMAZING! I really liked the fact that the bottle had a spray cap. Using oils a lot, I have found that it can get quite messy if you have to pour it out each time.


When applying it after my bath, my skin felt so moisturised with no greasy feeling afterwards. Personally I think it would be best used after a warm bath or shower, but like I said, I use it as a hand moisturiser during the day, and it absorbs quickly! The smell reminds me of vanilla essence, and if you combine that with the chocolate-smelling Shea Butter I also use, you end up smelling like cupcakes! Yum! :) The body oil is made from sweet almond and wheatgerm oil and can either be sprayed directly onto your body or you can spray it into your bath water. It can also be used as a massage oil.

The vanilla clay soap was something new to me, as I haven’t used clay soap before. It doesn’t really foam, but rather gives a creamy, milky lather. Usually I like Foaming soaps more, but the Vanilla Clay Soap is a nice luxurious treat. Unlike many other soaps on the market, this soap cleans well and leaves a soft, lingering fragrance on the skin.


My list of favourite green/organic body products are getting longer and longer and Tranquil Body Treats  is definitely on that list. Their prices are very affordable and they do not compromise on quality! They have several ranges available: Bath, Body, Kids, Mani and Pedi, Soaps and even Soy Wax Candles!


On my Tranquil Body Treats MUST HAVE list:


  • Chocolate and Vanilla Bath Milkshake
  • Rose & Ylang, Ylang Bath Fizz Bombs
  • Vanilla and Rooibos Bath Tea
  • Exotic Vanilla Soy Wax Candle


Read more about Tranquil Body Treats here:

They are on Facebook and Twitter, so join in the conversation (and expect excellent customer service!)

083 417 9510


Thanks Leigh-Ann for bringing us such a wondeful range of natural body products!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Fairy Girl
    Aug 22, 2012 @ 08:47:54

    Thank you for the lovely review. The clay soap is awesome, it is even safe to use on your face. It doesn’t foam much because we don’t use SLS, I use coconut oil as the foaming agent. See you soon in Cape Town, we are looking forward to the big move.


  2. Charlene ♡ (@Gee_Whiskers)
    Aug 22, 2012 @ 09:39:58

    I adore these products so much! I use the bath sherberts every night.
    Have you tried out the Salt body scrubs yet? They are AMAZING. I ordered myself another one yesterday along with a few other goodies.


  3. greenthinkin
    Aug 22, 2012 @ 12:45:21

    No, these are the only products I have tried so far! But there is a whole list of stuff I want to get! :D


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