Kamersvol “Awesomeness”

Just over a week ago, we visited the Kamersvol Geskenke event in Bloemfontein, and what a delight! It’s not often that an event like this comes to the Free State, and being an artsy-crafty type person myself, I was very appreciative of all the handmade goodies. Products ranged from clothing to ceramics and there was even a deli with dozens of deliciousness. Once we started tasting, there was no turning back and we left with bags full of ‘delicatessens’, of which come include dukkah, olive paste and the yummiest balsamic vinegar!

Kamersvol Geskenke Bloemfontein

The event was so much fun and so different than other expos or exhibitions I have attended in the past. I used to be an event organiser, so I have seen quite a lot before, but none like this. The atmosphere is just so different and I think it’s this that makes Kamersvol so unique. I couldn’t buy everything I wanted at the event, but luckily most of the products exhibited are on their online shop too! My “want” list is getting longer and longer…

Products from their online shop…

Make sure you don’t miss a Kamersvol event in your area!

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  1. KAMERS vol geskenke
    Sep 17, 2012 @ 12:32:15

    So glad you enjoyed it, Rochelle. Thanks for sharing xxx


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