What I want for Christmas #bloggersecretsanta

If you are on Twitter, I am sure you have already heard about the #bloggersecretsanta. The idea is simple. You get a blogger to buy a gift for. And another blogger buys something for you. And the gift must be under R100 (postage excluded). So the avoid getting something you absolutely hate, Charlotte from http://thestilettomum.wordpress.com/ asked us to do a post on what we would like to get as a gift. So any blogger who landed my name, listen up!


Awesome Goodies under R100!

So these are the things I am totally into:

Anything green/organic from Faithful-to-Nature or Greenlove.

I only use organic/green products so any things in that line would be so much appreciated!

Anything from The Victorian Garden,their stuff is awesome!

Bee Natural have lots of new flavour lip balms which I would love to try! And at R13.50, they are so affordable! (This might be helpful: I’d LOVE any organic lip balm!)

Spiezia, Oh Lief,Tranquil Beauty Treats and Balm Balm are also some of my favourites.

I also have my eye on Tip Top Nail polish. This is my favourite brand of nail polish, as it is so long lasting and free of nasties. My current “wants” includes Pot ‘O Berries, Cha Cha Cha and Fairy Dust.


I also love stationary and especially Magnetic Page Markers. They come in packs of 6 and are just so cute!! I usually alternate between reading about 3 books and magazines, so they are really useful!

 Favourite colours: All shades between blue and green (including teal and turquoise) and silver.

I don’t like over the top fashion accessories and flashy things. I’m quite a plain jane, so keep that in mind! Small, earthy accessories are really my thing!



Hope my #bloggersecretsanta finds this useful!






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