Overcome your fear…mine was horses!

Last weekend I went horse riding for the second time in my life. The first time, was exactly a year ago on the same horse at the same trail. Before that, I couldn’t even look at a horse without shaking in fear! To me they were just so scary and larger than life.

So how did I suddenly get the courage to get on a horse, you ask?  Well,that’s quite a funny story actually. I received a voucher for two people to go on a 3 hour horse ride in Clarens, and being the bargainista that I am, I couldn’t pass on the opportunity. Together they were worth R500 and it was a trail in the mountains…I just HAD to face my fear!


At first it went a bit wobbly, but after a while I got used to it. In fact, in about 15 minutes, I was hooked! I had a super calm mare (her name is Cloudy) so it wasn’t hard for me to be calm myself. I think the beautiful surroundings contributed so much to my whole first-time experience. Perfect weather, majestic mountains and a patient trail guide…ideal!


The main reason why I am sharing this experience is because I was amazed by the powerful feeling you get when conquering your fear. After that horse ride I felt invincible, as if I could do anything.


So my challenge to you: do something you never had the courage for. Get that diploma, do bungee jumping or cut your hair! Take the risk and you will reap the reward!


Ashgar Connemara Stud & Schaapplaats Farm Cottages

Christine Walwyn

P.O. Box 53, Clarens, 9707

Tel: (058) 256 1176

Cell: 083 630 3713

Fax: (058) 256 1258

E-mail: info@ashgarhorses.co.za


R300.00 for ± 2 hours,

R250.00 for ± 1,5 hours


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