Get gifts for the WHOLE family..for less than R250!

So a while back I did a blogpost on stocking filler ideas, and was so thankful when Faithful-to-Nature sent me a box full of stocking fillers to suit the whole family.


When it comes to stocking fillers, every year’s gifts seem to be a replay of the previous Christmas. It’s soap-on-a-rope for the men, a perfumed body lotion from the supermarket and maybe a phone accessory for the teenagers.  I know it’s the thought that counts, but I LOVE giving gifts, and don’t like giving mainstream gifts that you can find at every second store. So I am VERY impressed with the gifts Faithful-to-Nature gave me and am super excited to be giving them to the family members. Here they are:

For Grandma…


For me, this is such a unique, useful gift. My own grandma as well as my partner’s Ouma uses Canderel, and Coconut sugar will make their everyday cuppa sweeter without the health risks. And at only R31, it’s very affordable!

Why this sugar is amazing!

  • It has very low GI of 35.
  • No after taste.
  • Suitable for sweetening anything.
  • Suitable for Diabetic patient.
  • It is rich of magnesium, iron, potassium and zinc.
  • It is unrefined, unbleached and free from preservatives and no additives.


For Grandpa…


These mints are delicious! And it’s another useful gift, something different than the normal pair of socks or soap-on-a-rope! I looked up the reviews on Faithful-to-Nature and this is what other people had to say about it:

“Absolutely delicious! My mother and I finished the box in five minutes! Can’t wait to try the other flavours!” Melanie-Ann

“These have to be my favourite mints yet! They are lovely and I do regret only buying one box of each.” Santie

“These mints are amazing!”Adele

For Mom…


Your Mom deserves only the best! This hand cream is small enough to suit the handbag but provides enough moisture for hard-working hands!

For Dad…


This is an incredibly moisturizing, creamy bar of soap which is wonderful for anyone with a dry, sensitive skin.   A popular response after using this soap for the first time has been, “I didn’t even have to put on moisturizer!” So if you are wondering why this soap is perfect for Dad, this is why! Usually men don’t like putting on lotion, so this is the perfect way to make sure their skins don’t get dried out.

For the teenager…


Teenagers are difficult to buy for. But one thing, almost all teens have in common, is lip balm.  This lip balm comes in a easy-to-use tin and is made with olive oil, so it won’t form bubbles as some Shea butter lip balms do. It costs only R35.00 and lasts for a loooong time!


For the little ones…



I must admit, I had so much fun playing with these cars myself! It’s so much fun. Even though these are for kids, I might get one for myself too.


 So you have no excuse to be out of gifts this Christmas. Even with delivery, you have gifts for the whole family for less than R250! What are you waiting for, get shopping online now! Their delivery fees are inexpensive and if you are in a main center you can have your goodies couriered to you for only R35!


Online Shop:

Twitter: @Faithful2Nature



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