A Wildlife Sanctuary in urgent need of funds…

Hi everyone, this is just a quick note to tell you about SanWild Wildlife Sanctuary. They need our help! As you might imagine, the finances needed to feed lions are enormous, and this sanctuary really need your help with funds. Below are all the details (copied from their facebook page), so please let them know if you can help. These lions were saved from terrible circumstances, so let’s see if we can help these majestic cats!

It appears that our troubles with trying to raise sufficient funding to continue to provide a safe sanctuary for our large predators is getting worse. We have managed to arrange for our credit to be extended for another week with great difficulty as we have depleted every single cent we had available to feed the lions and our supplier made it very clear that NO further credit will be extended.
Our appeals for funding has had very little response and hardly any funding came in for our lions and no large charity has responded to our calls for help. We are faced with a very serious dilemma.
In reality I guess the very lives of the animals we have grown to love now depends solely on your generosity and goodwill as without your help we are simply not in a position to to keep them. There is no other way to put it.
We will be forced within days to evaluate our situation and make a decision about the lions future. We simply cannot compromise the rest of our operation and other wildlife in order to keep our lions. Basic economics (as much as we hate to say this) will determine otherwise. So I really would like to ask for your urgent assistance and donations failing which we will have no other option but to shut down our large predator facility. Please do respond asap.
You will find the background of our lions and how they were rescued from canned lion breeding and hunting on our LION RESCUE blog site
ON-LINE DONATIONS can be made with PayPal or PayFast or by means of a direct internet banking transfer into our SANWILD WILDLIFE TRUST Account no 9111221180 with ABSA, Danie Joubert Street, Tzaneen, 0850 South Africa. The branch code is 334349, the swift code ABSAZAJJ, the Iban code ZA632005.
For more information please email me on louise@sanwild.org or phone +27 (0) 15-3839958.


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/SanWild-Wildlife-Sanctuary/163363760361196


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