{Aromatherapy Thursdays} – Avocado Oil

Avocado Persea americana


A while back I blogged about these awesome “alligator pears”. I absolutely LOVE the fruit as well as the oil. The oil can be used in cooking, but for now I will only discuss it’s cosmetic purposes.

Although I have “normal” skin, and avocado oil is usually recommended for dry skin, I still use it, and the results are amazing. I have been using it as a night oil for little more than a year now, and it would be very difficult to change my routine!

Quick facts:

  • Rich in lecithin and Vitamins A, B1, B2 and D.
  • It is recommended that you dilute it with another oil 50:50, but I use it as is.
  • It is great for eczema and psoriasis
  • The nutrients present in avocado oil helps to increase the production of collagen in the body, which acts as a barrier for many ageing problems such as wrinkles and dry skin.


  • I know there are many oils out there, but if there is one carrier oil you MUST try, try avocado oil! (I used cosmetic as well as food grade before, and it works the same!)
  • Can be used neat or diluted with another oil.
  • Sometimes I add a few drops geranium essential oils to my avocado oil, it is great for circulation. (Please do not add more than 5 drops per 15ml!)
  • Make a hair spray, add a tablespoon of avocado oil to warm water, and pour in to a spray bottle. Makes hair soft without weighing it down. (This works for static hair too!)
  • Use on sunburn
  • Mix a bit with your conditioner, or add a few drops to your scalp before shampooing.

I get my oils from Natural Oils (www.naturaloils.co.za).


Hoare, J. (2010) The Complete Aromatherapy Tutor: A Structured Course to Achieve Professional Expertise. GAIA: London

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