{Review} ZAO Natural Lipgloss

Last week Natural Beauty Africa sent me one of their ZAO lipglosses to review. The colour I received was 004 Natural Brown, and it came in a cute cotton pouch.


First thing I noticed was the beautiful bamboo casing. This is one of the things that makes ZAO different. When your lipgloss (or eyeshadow, lipstick, concealer  etc) is finished, you don’t need to buy a whole new one, you just buy a refill! This minimizes packaging for a better environment.


The lipgloss gives a bright, glossy finish without too much colour. You can use it over your lipstick as well to give a subtle gloss. At first I thought the brown won’t look nice on my lips, but the colour seems to blend into your lips and you are left with a nice “sparkle”.

It does seem to be slightly less sticky than your normal lipglosses and did not dry out my lips. It is enriched with cocoa butter, so not only will you look good, but you will do your lips favour as well! I also liked the fact that there is not much of a smell. Personally I don’t like strong fragrances right under my nose, and I lick my lips constantly so I can be assured I am not ingesting all kind of weird chemicals and perfumes.

The retail price is about R200 and the colours available are pink natural, beige natural, brown natural, red orange, burgundy natural, and transparent.

ZAO have a range of cosmetics including: Mineral Touch Eyeshadows, Eyeliner, Mascara, Lipstick, Conceaer, Mineral Silk Foundation, Compact Powder and Make-up Brushes! All of these come in beautifully designed bamboo packaging which you can buy refills for when yours is finished!


Natural Beauty Africa also stocks the Eco-Cosmetics Mineral suncare range. I used these sunscreens last summer and I can safely say they worked! It was so nice having a great time on the beach without worrying about the sun OR the nasty ingredients in other sunscreens.

You can buy it all from their Online Shop and make sure you add some freebie samples to your cart!

Current Christmas Special

Have you tried ZAO yet? What do you think of the brand?


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