About Us – Welcome!

Green Thinking is blog about the more natural side of life.

Interesting South African places, admiring wild life and nature, and appreciating good food. Exploring natural beauty regimes and a healthier way of living.

Many of you wonder, what is the big hype about “going green”, “safe cosmetics” or even “save the rhino”! With this blog, I hope to stir up a passion, not only for our beautiful earth, but also for what you put into your own body.

Whether you are an avid tree-hugger or just someone who is interested in nature, I am sure you will find this blog interesting and informative.

Things to look out for:

Natural Product Spotlight : featuring green and safe products)

In the News : environmental highlights

What’s the Fuss About… : you have been hearing about these things, but what exactly is the fuss about?

In My Kitchen: green or healthy things I have been exploring in the kitchen

And the of course, there are also giveaways to come!

Look deep, deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. (Albert Einstein)