I’m back!

So you might have noticed (or not) that I haven’t blogged in a while. The reason is, I started studying this year! I don’t know if that is a valid excuse, because I know most of the other bloggers have jobs or are studying as well. Anyways, I am studying B.Sc Food Science with my major subjects being Microbiology and Biochemistry and I am enjoying it a lot! When the semester is in full swing, I focus mainly on my studies, not reading books, scrapbooking or blogging, but it has paid off so far! So although for a few months, it seems like all I do is study, it is nice to see the results of hard work!

I do not want to stop my blog, so during holidays I will still try and blog regularly! To those that do read my blog, I would like to know: did you study, or are you studying? And if so, what degree are you working towards?

Thanks for the following!



Hello Autumn…



Clarens Beer Festival – who’s going?

It might be a bit weird that I will be going to the Beer Fest….I don’t drink at all! But hey, apparently there will be lots of delicious food there, so hopefully I won’t be bored. Maybe they have some non-alcoholic beers…who knows!

clarens beer fest

Featuring the passion and commitment of 17 of the countries top dedicated micro brewers and their very own hand crafted brews.

 Come out and meet the brewers, enjoy fresh craft brew, a wide selection of gourmet foods and be entertained by the awesome lineup of top South African bands.

 The festival has also extended it’s hours with a concert on Friday night just to set the tone for the weekend.

 See you on the 21st and 22nd of February!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year


Merry Christmas

Hope you have a blessed Christmas!


Summer Hairstyles

Here are a few hairstyles I will be rocking this summer!

Slide1 Slide2

What is your go-to hairstyle this December?

{photo} Lightning in Bloemfontein

Just wanted to share this amazing photo with you! We had some lightning in Bloemfontein last night (and a little bit of rain)

Bloemfontein Lightning

photo credit: Jan-Hendrik Keet

Happy Spring!

Happy Spring everyone! I know it does not feel very much like Spring yet, but Winter can’t keep going on forever, right? ;)


Hope you have a wonderful day!

Hello Spring

{New Post} Just a thought for the week!


I know I have been a bit quiet on my blog lately, but will be back soon! I just had to put up this post to inspire you for the week ahead!

10 Things I Love About Summer


Each season has its pros and cons. And as summer is busy moving out, and the days get colder, I am reminded by the small things I love about summer. So just to say goodbye to summer (till we see it again in a few months!), here are 10 things I love about SUMMER:


  1. The sun rises early, so it’s easier to start your day an hour or so earlier.
  2. Swimming
  3. Summer style
  4. Braaiing every weekend
  5. The long daylight hours
  6. Thunderstorms
  7. Ice Cream/Watermelon/Ice Cold Drinks
  8. My washing that dries in only two hours!
  9. Getting tanned
  10. Drinking my 2 litres of water is so much easier when it’s hot!


What are you going to miss most about summer?


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